From the Secretary Desk

Deal Friends and Students,

SAMBHUNATH MUKHERJEE AND BHANUMATI MUKHERJEE MEMORIAL NURSING TRAINING COLLEGE, Chandil has one of the best upcoming campus in Jharkhand which is an acknowledged fact. It's this reason that Training College, Chandil is chosen over othr by the brightest of students.

The students of SAMBHUNATH MUKHERJEE AND BHANUMATI MUKHERJEE MEMORIAL NURSING TRAINING COLLEGE of Nursing Chandil are its pride and its strength. I hope to be able to interact with both, the faculty as well as the students and will try to address any problem that they bring to the best of my abilities.

it will be my effort that all partof this college my function together harmoniously. It is my hope and dream that we take this institution to unprecedented heights. Towards this aim, I seek your sincere support.

The Training College of Nursing, Chandil, established with the consent of the State Governmentof Jharkhand in 2020, carries forward the legacy of ours in Education with the blessings of my followers.

Our sprawling campus offers a class facilities. The students who walk these corridors & graduate from our college find themselves not only as academic achievers but also as great all-rounder in their career. The location of our college, accessible from various routes from all over the country with the Himalayas as its backdrop, speaks volumes for itself.

As its Chancellor, I welcome you to take this opportunity and join the ranks of the best, I with you the best.

Thank You!

Jagadish Mahato